Tips to Pregnancy Apps for Your Smartphone

Pregnancy is a standout amongst the most anticipated minutes in a lady’s life. You will dependably feel the desire to know the improvement of your infant. Additionally, to-be-guardians love to pay special mind to child names for their unborn infant. Prior, doing this would be an overwhelming undertaking, and much of the time, ladies just had their family, companions, or the specialist for direction. However, with the cell phone blast, a considerable measure of applications have been created that work as your collaborator amid this period.

Apps for Moms-to-be

My Pregnancy Today

This app will give you all the details that you need to know during your pregnancy. All you need to do is to enter your due date, and the app will tell you the exact delivery date. Learn about the changes that your body will undergo as time goes by. There are fetal development images to show how your baby looks like, during each week. Check the amazing kick tracker that will keep a track of your baby’s movements.

Baby Names.

All would-be-parents are excited to finalize names for their newborns. But if you have run out of naming options, here is an app that may help you out in this feat. Not only will the app give you naming options, but it will also give details such as name origin, its meaning, and its popularity. If you are looking for a rare name for your kid, choose the ‘ultra rare’ option in the popularity tab, and get unique baby names to choose from.

Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson

Having a relaxed mind is essential for all, and when you are pregnant, this aspect becomes all the more important. With today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, it is difficult to find such peace. Here’s an app that can come to your aid. This app is a guided meditation program that will help expectant mothers to relax and focus on a successful pregnancy. The relaxation techniques included in this app will ease your physical discomfort.

I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

On most occasions, expectant mothers become paranoid when they have unexpected symptoms. This app helps you record your symptoms and compare it with other women who are using this app. Also get tips on how to alleviate the most common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, leg cramps, and fatigue. You can store your doctor’s contact details too for a quick reference, and also share details with your doctor by connecting to his/her office.

Pregnancy Sprout

This pregnancy app gives you information about the development of your baby, along with pictures. It includes a pregnancy tracker that will keep a count of the days and weeks left for your due date. Every week, you can touch the images and the app will give you details as to how the part is formed. There is also a doctor’s advice section, that will provide you with generic medical advice. All in all, a great app for expectant mothers, which allows the information to be shared on social networking sites too.

Happy Pregnancy Ticker

Like any other pregnancy app, Happy Pregnancy Ticker also provides information regarding fetal development, along with images of the same. What’s new in this app is the schedule feature and the weekly weight tracker. You can schedule your doctor visits, scans, blood diagnosis, and make them all appear in the app widget. Also, you can keep a track of your weekly weight data, and convert it into graphical form for better analysis. The discussion forum allows you to connect with other women, and discuss your problems to find suitable solutions. There is an ovulation planner included for women who are planning for pregnancy.

Pregnancy ++

Health & Parenting Ltd’s Pregnancy ++ app for iPhone (Pregnancy + if you are using an Android device) is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about pregnancy. It puts everything at your fingertips, right from daily pregnancy information with colored images and personal weight log to baby shopping list and over 1000 baby names. What makes it all the more interesting, is the fact that it can be customized for dads-to-be and other members of the family.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro
(Android: $2.99, iPhone: $3.99)

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is one of the best apps that helps you connect with other ladies so that you can be assured and comfortable about your pregnancy. It helps you meet sympathetic women who have been through your condition and who are currently going through the same. You can share your fears and insecurities and experiences, and get good, sound advice and suggestions about what you need to do. There are public and private groups as well. In addition, the app contains features that help you track your visits to the gynecologist, count your contractions, etc.


iBirth is a wonderful app that helps you immensely at the time of delivery. It has been developed by a psychological doctor and has gained a lot of popularity. It is available on iTunes as well as the Google Play store. There is a free version called Contraction Timer Plus as well. It has instructions that prepare you for your delivery, help you with nutrition assistance, labor practice, contraction, timer, and myriad other tips. It works on the iOS and Android platforms.

All these pregnancy apps throw light on the various stages of fetal development, and also provide photos for better understanding. However, you should consult your doctor before practicing the various techniques mentioned in these apps. Use the apps to the fullest to help you prepare for childbirth. All the best!

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